Workflow Automation

Who likes mundane tasks? Let a machine do it for you.

Empower YOUR TEAM with automation and let them focus on their big BUSINESS goals.

Your managers and analysts are too good to waste on boring, time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

They don’t enjoy doing them. You don’t want them spending their time on something that can be done more efficiently. Solution: empower them with automation and let them focus on their big goals.

From data discovery through data exploration and preparation, your analysts are spending hours identifying, cleaning, and integrating the data they need for everyday tasks like fielding questions from their colleagues, building reports and presentations, or building financial models. 

Knoema streamlines the process by giving your managers and business analysts the tools they need to extract insights out of the data themselves and leave behind hours of data drudgery.


Use Knoema’s Data Explorer to quickly identify and evaluate data sets


Onboard data without code and reduce the time and cost of the onboarding process


With Knoema, data preparation does not require special technical knowledge and can be performed easily and quickly by business users


With the help of some of the most powerful charting tools in the industry, your data comes to life and lets your analysts seamlessly extract insights.


Knoema’s Report Builder lets you send live reports that update automatically when new data becomes available. Forget looking for that data source you tapped last month—now updating your reports is a snap.

Knoema's clients understand the value of time and accuracy when it comes to their data workflow. Learn more about how you can reclaim the time from your repetitive tasks with Knoema.