Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Unlock and Find Value in Data During Digital Transformation Initiatives Across the Entire Enterprise


Give Your Business Users The Keys

Business users are responsible for finding or unlocking value in the underlying data stored in the cloud/databases. However, without deep technical understanding, are at times removed from the digital transformation process, yet are still left with the responsibility of finding value in the data. With Knoema, we make it easy for business users to discover, find insights, and derive value from the data – no coding involved.

  • Break down siloed or overlooked first-party data within the organization for improved search, discovery, and use.
  • Make raw data usable and actionable from multiple sources including web scraping, Oracle, MySQL, SFTP, APIs, third-party terminals, and more.
  • Unify access to all third-party data subscriptions available across the enterprise.

Cloud Migration

Migrating to the cloud is measured in quarters or years, yet enterprises need to understand their data now. Knoema allows you to understand your data where it is today, in legacy systems, while you migrate to the cloud.

  • Connect to common databases, like SQL Server and Snowflake, without replicating data to gain valuable insights during migration using Knoema’s data federated model.
  • Leverage Knoema’s Snowflake onramp to bring the right data from your legacy systems to the cloud.
  • Analyze and dashboard data assets from the legacy and new databases to ensure data continuity.

Legacy Data

Large enterprises have many legacy systems and historic databases, yet have questions that rely on data in those silos. Business users need to be able to understand where the right data lives, how to get access, and ensure a level of control and governance over the data.

  • Knoema’s data federated model allows you to connect legacy systems without data migration.
  • Search and discover the data in legacy systems to solve today’s data challenges.
  • Maintain governance over legacy data leveraging Knoema’s data governance model that tracks data usage and dataset access.