Data StorIES

Build your case and share your insights effortlessly

Knoema’s analytics and reporting CAPABILITIES allow clients to craft and communicate data stories using insights hidden in disparate data ASsets.  

Add context to your narrative, and share your insights effortlessly, all from one secure place

Knoema’s clients are transformed into master storytellers overnight. By taking advantage of Knoema’s powerful suite of report-building tools, they can formulate and articulate insights backed by data like never before.

Don’t just send reports. Tell Data Stories.

With all your data in one place, you can build reports with a few clicks, and then enhance them with tables and visualizations that tell the story for you

Next, seamlessly bring in Knoema’s public data to provide critical context to your narrative.

When you finish building your own Data Story, share it in your preferred software, like MS PowerPoint, and don’t worry about updating it next month — Knoema platform will take care of refreshing your data automatically. But what if you want even more efficiency and wish to forgo office presentation and spreadsheet software all together?

You can now build live dashboards right in Knoema and send them to your stakeholders using Knoema’s Report Builder. Report Builder makes you look like a star to all your stakeholders and removes the burden of constantly updating your presentations as new data becomes available.

Knoema Report Builder lets our clients:

  • Pull from any data source on Knoema, including your own proprietary data stored securely on our cloud.
  • Create a dashboard that fits your company’s brand.
  • Add components like charts, tables, and graphs.
  • Add historical data from Knoema for added context on the business segment you care about.
  • Save your Data Story as a live dashboard, or export it to your preferred office software.
  • Share your Data Story within your organization and beyond. 

How Knoema's Clients Create Data Stories

Productize and Sell Curated Data and Insights

With the Knoema solution, commodities intelligence and economic research companies are able to productize and sell curated data and insights efficiently.

  • Client’s Data Hub becomes the single source of truth for internal research analysts who need access to both proprietary and third party data.
  • Integrated workspace with no-code visualizations and dashboards replaces the legacy manual process for creating static reports which saves time and resources.
  • Thousands of client’s end users can access the curated data and research through white label  Data Hub portal branded per client’s requirements.
  • The Data Hub is integrated with the client’s single sign-on; permissions are automatically synchronized.

Business Central for Research Data and Insights

Knoema helps large consulting firms to eliminate data silos and allows consultants to easily find and work with the firm’s vast data and research repository to build outstanding data stories.

  • Consulting firms heavily use data from subscription, global, internal proprietary and alternative data sources. This data comes in multiple formats and is usually stored in individual data silos which makes it hard to find, costly, and time consuming to move across the organization, and makes knowledge sharing extremely difficult.
  • With the Knoema Data Hub, all this content becomes centrally accessible.
  • The Data Hub is managed by business users eliminating the need to involve technical staff.

Customer 360 View & Sales Enablement

For financial, retail, and insurance companies, Knoema Data Hub facilitates creation of sales enablement tools and customer 360 views of who is engaging with marketing and social media content to drive sales outcomes.

  • The ability to leverage machine learning and entity resolution to discover relevant datasets lets you build a customer 360 views.
  • Dashboards can be easily embedded into Salesforce to make the insights actionable.
  • The portal allows you to transform and automate workflows for nontechnical users at speed – reports that used to take hours now take minutes.

Manage and Access Data to Drive Better Business Insights

The investment teams in financial services firms generate a large volume content that is used to make investment decisions and provide customer insight. This information is spread across disparate systems and highly disorganized. Knoema provides a single point of access to all the data to efficiently create, organize, search, and integrate content across teams as well as to access the right information when it is needed.

  • Fully integrated end to end platform for both structured and unstructured data.
  • A business user friendly data-native solution providing data experience beyond ETL and BI.
  • Advanced support for Data Privacy, Compliance, User security, Integrations.
  • Unlimited capabilities for onboarding new curated datasets on demand.
  • You can own the narrative and workflows of your insights and sell it to Clients.

What is your Data Story?

With Knoema Report Builder our clients are building a compelling data-driven narrative and communicating effortlessly with their constituents.