Knoema for Financial Services

We created Knoema to empower teams focused on strategy, market intelligence, and business intelligence by providing their data in context of the world’s data, all in one place—an easy-to-implement, secure web portal with tools for discovery, comparison, visualization, presentation, and advanced modeling and forecasting of data.

Integrated data environment, personalized for your organization

Knoema’s global database + your internal and 3rd party data assets

Knoema is a personalized data portal that integrates your most important data assets together in a collaborative environment to manage operational, risk, and opportunity drivers.

Learn How Financial Services
Firms Use Knoema

Explore, follow, and alert

Search for datasets, add datasets to your dashboards, and set notifications for updates with your data and Knoema’s data (including Enterprise-only datasets).

Work with data

Utilize Knoema’s intelligent tools to compare and manipulate datasets.

Empower your organization with data

Bring your data and the world’s data directly into team member workflows with our AI-powered Word and Excel add-ins.

Prepare reports and presentations

Visualize, annotate, and export reports that auto-update as new data becomes available.

Run decision making meetings

Save and organize important datasets, visualizations, forecasts, and models to enable effective decision-making.

Conduct advanced analysis

Use Knoema’s Enterprise toolkit to work with statistical models, indexing, and correlation.

Update your organization

Admins can use the content editor to update featured content without technical support.

Operate securely

Easily leverage security controls for access to the system and the data and content within it.

Your business, in context of what's important to you