Data hub

All-in-one data platform for business users

knoema’s data hub is a Unified business workspace for EXPRESS data onboarding, analysis, and PRESENTATION. Data Hub also provides powerful white label portals for delivering DATA INSIGHTS to your internal and external clients.


How it works?

1. Streamline the data sourcing and onboarding process:

We quickly integrate publicly available, subscription, and alternative data, as well as your proprietary data sources, into a centralized Knoema data experience for the entire enterprise.

2. Easily find the right data and reduce time from data to insights, all within the same workspace or with the workflow tools of your choice:

Powered by the deep indexing of the Knoema Discovery Engine, you can simply enter a description of the data that you’re looking for and obtain the most relevant results, with search accuracy continually improving over time. Then, generate actionable insights with the accessible and powerful visualization, calculation, and dashboarding capabilities of the Data Hub web portal or with workflow tools such as Tableau, Excel, PowerPoint, Python, R, and more.

3. Share interactive data stories with your internal stakeholders or business clients:

Productize your insights into interactive data monitors and live reports for ultimate business decision-makers by using Knoema’s “Masterminds” factory to produce your own branded business portals.

6 core capabilities of the fully integrated data solution

For Data Consumers:


For Hub Managers:


Getting set up with Knoema: fastest time-to-value

The Knoema implementation process has been refined over years as we have deployed hundreds of Data Hub solutions for clients in business and government. It’s seamless and fast.

As our client, you work with a dedicated team of professionals

We rapidly customize Data Hub layout and features to the organization’s branding, workflow and  business requirements. We integrate your internal and subscription data into a curated data catalog alongside other relevant global data available in Knoema. Our data engineers, analysts, and economists can work with you to build models and indices for advanced applications and complex dashboards. We then work with your team to establish the baseline monitoring and story-fronts for data-based content to be shared internally or externally.

The result is a turn-key solution built to provide the functionality your business users need for efficient data-native workflows producing actionable business insights.

Ease of use, security, and enablement

Access control

Assign access, editing, and sharing rights and offer specialized content to different teams. Allow select team members to customize and edit their portal experience to ensure appropriate workflow.


Our implementation team conducts walkthroughs and training for your team and provides documentation for easy onboarding of future team members. 

Ongoing improvement

We understand that client needs and workflows change, so we work with your team at regular intervals to update and improve your Knoema experience.