Capabilities for Hub Managers

Manage your data experience

Onboard and organize data in the Data Hub to accelerate wider data usage and value generation.

Allocate your time and resources to analyzing data and deriving insights — not managing, cleaning, and validating it.

Create custom data pipelines with fully managed data ingestion as a service

Easily link and map your internal data to your own secure Data Hub portal without replication

Upload data from files or through API using self-service Expert Tools

Data Ingestion as a Service

  • Address challenges associated with time series data integration.
  • Get high-quality data without having to worry about building UIs, APIs, aggregations, data science models, and entitlement tools. 

Self-service data onboarding via ingestion or via Data Links

  • Upload data into the Data Hub with Knoema ETL tools or via browser, Excel, Python, APIs, etc. as part of your normal workflow
  • Link your data repositories to Data Hub and list your data assets in the Data Hub for Discovery and Analysis without any ingestion. This eliminates data transfer inefficiencies

Data catalog & metadata management

  • Organize data in the data catalog by topic, source, industry, location, and more
  • Add custom metadata fields to datasets to improve data governance
  • Apply custom business semantics to the data with the Knowledge Graph Editor to make your data more useful

Document Center

  • Accelerate the usage of unstructured content by making it discoverable through the document center
  • Present documents for users to access either online or via download (reports, press releases, and other materials you’ve published and want to promote).
  • Documents are managed by your organization, using the system’s content editor.

Control Center

Configure a secure environment to fit your data needs, manage your resources, and monitor the usage

 Ensure adherence to your company’s privacy and security standards

Facilitate implementation of your data governance strategy

Monitor the usage and health of your data and content

Privacy & Security

  • Ensure a high level of security with two-factor authentication, customizable password guidelines, and an action log.
  • Choose whether to make your portal open to the general public or private and accessible only to registered and approved users.
  • Use modern SSO and Active Directory access management and entitlements tools.

Usage Analytics

  • Monitor search queries to determine if you have the data your users need
  • Track what your users are looking at, downloading, and/or searching for with robust usage analytics
  • Evaluate the most popular dashboards to determine areas for deeper investment in data
  • Examine what information and resources any individual user is interested in to provide targeted support
  • Monitor API access and dataset usage in 3rd party workflow tools in order to better understand what data users bring back into their process outside of Data Hub
  • Gain direct access to all the usage analytics just like any other data asset in the Hub and access it in your preferred internal reporting tools

Mastermind Factory

Productize and publish your data analysis for internal dissemination or for sharing with your clients

Customize your story-front environment to align it with your unique branding

Share insights from your data using Knoema’s data widgets

Embed preferred dashboards in your workspace

Home page customization

  • Special layout design for your home page
  • Additional custom interactive elements available

Custom portal design

  • Distinctive branding for your portal.
  • Unique appearance: choose logos, fonts, colors, backgrounds that you would like to see on your portal, dashboards, etc.

Geo Playground Widget

  • Visualize any data that has geo coordinates or location IDs (country, province, state, etc)
  • Feature the map as a module on your welcome page, use maps in dashboards, or position a map for single-click access to open in a full-page view.
  • Maps may be customized to your brand colors, logos, and more.

PowerPoint Builder Widget

  • Leverage your visualizations and analysis to support internal collaboration and briefings within your Knoema portal using our presentation tool.
  • Share slides among colleagues to enable virtual or dynamic data-based discussions.

Embedding dashboards and reports

  • Create dashboards — aggregated collections of visualizations that can be easily revised and exported and function as living reports.
  • No need to monitor data relevance; dashboards auto-update so you can quickly and easily update stakeholders as relevant data changes.
  • Keep a dashboard private, share and coordinate with colleagues, embed live in a website or blog, or send to clients.
  • Request any Knoema dashboard you want to see in your portal. We’ll embed it for you!