Capabilities for Data Consumers

Discover and analyze

knoema’s Fully integrated Data Hub platform provides analysTS with all the KEY capabilities they need to discover, analyze, and present data in order to generate the best competitive business insights.


Discovery Engine

Simply use natural language to search all the data in your Data Hub — and beyond it, in Knoema's global data universe.

World’s largest repository of public data aggregated by Knoema (1.6k+ sources on 460+ topics).

Proprietary alternative data from any provider that is already onboarded to Knoema or available to be added on-demand per your subscription arrangement.

All your internal data that you decided to link to the Knoema Data Hub; no ingestion or any other data transfer required.

Knoema Proprietary Deep Search

Optimized for complex, large datasets.

Deep Search provides a semantic search experience that uses neural networks and natural language processing technologies to deliver a  state-of-the-art search with machine learning. This means that when you search our catalog of 4.2 billion+ time series as well as the internal data you onboarded to the Data Hub, you will get better, more relevant results that improve over time.

Data Preview and Data On-Demand

Powered by a deep-indexing search engine, Knoema’s centralized catalog of thousands of datasets from public and proprietary data sources provides data analysis professionals an-easy-to use, seamless solution for evaluating and accessing on-demand data that they are not subscribed to yet.

Typically, purchasing new datasets is a cumbersome, and time-consuming, multi-step process, involving various internal teams working over numerous months to find and evaluate suppliers, negotiate terms, onboard the data, and so on. With the Knoema Data Hub’s Preview and On-Demand capabilities, users can simply find the precise data they need, request access to it, and have the data quickly added to their universe of available datasets upon approval in the Data Hub. This no-code self-service process enables data analysis professionals of any technical skill level to filter through all the available data relevant to their search and quickly evaluate and gain access to the data of interest, shortening the time from data discovery to business insights by days if not months.

Analytics Workspace

Get to insights faster, and streamline your workflow today

Visualize and compare data with over 20 chart, graph, and map options

Manipulate datasets by selecting variables and segments for analysis and comparison

Unlimited exports with multiple popular formats

Customizable Visualizations

Rapidly make data understandable and presentable

Find, visualize, compare, and manipulate the data that is most important to your organization — including your own data, your third party data, and Knoema’s global data. Identify relationships in your data with a variety of visualization options. Easily create visualizations that auto-update as new data is added, and export into a variety of formats to make your data ready for action.

Interactive Maps

Visualize data and assets on custom-designed maps

With our interactive maps, you can easily overlay multiple datasets to explore how they relate. Knoema maps are easily created and shared within your organization, and you can even integrate custom data and features by working with the Knoema implementation team.

Branded, Auto-Updating Dashboards

Create presentations that are updated as data changes

Knoema dashboards are living reports—aggregated collections of datasets and visualizations that can be easily revised and exported. Dashboards automatically update (with options for notifications) so you can quickly and easily update stakeholders as relevant data changes.

Data Notifications

Follow datasets and dashboards to stay on top of key updates

Push critical data into your workflow to save you valuable time. Data alerts notify you when time series change according to conditions you specify. Follow datasets and dashboards to be notified of high-priority updates.

Expert Tools

Next generation AI tools for autonomous data discovery and workflow automation


Relevant datasets and supporting visualizations are actively added into your spreadsheets and documents

Data is integrated into your models with a single click, letting you spend more time on insights and less time on finding and preparing data

How it Works

Surface Data

As you type in Word or Docs, Knoema DataFinder identifies natural language concepts, surfaces relevant data, and displays hits in the right-hand panel. In Excel or Sheets, simply select a cell with terms in it to see potential relevant data. This workflow also functions in a traditional search format.

Filter Data

Scroll through results easily and click to expand any result, learn about that dataset, and view potential visualizations and additional information from that year, location, source and more.

Insert Data

Insert any dataset right into your working document for use, and modify and insert charts from that data that are provided right in Knoema DataFinder.