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DATA-DRIVEN INSIGHTS provide a competitive advantage… isn’t it worth investing in the platform built to Bring them forth?

Try Intelligent Data Search

In the Knoema Data Hub, data discovery starts with a business question written in natural language, not in SQL query:

Global Data Catalog

In the Knoema Data Hub, find the right data to quickly answer the most pressing questions by browsing a broad collection of public, private and alternative data augmented by your own proprietary data.


time series





Integrated Data Workspace

 In the Knoema Data Hub, the inspiration for new insights starts with powerful tools for data analysis, visualization, and presentation that are integrated with an enterprise’s external and internal data sources. Easily create data-driven stories that are always up-to-date and accessible from web or other applications — ready to transform your insights into action.

Data That's Always Ready

If you work with data of any kind, you are likely spending more than 90% of your time preparing data for analysis. The Knoema Data Hub platform has eliminated this inefficient process for thousands of analysts and consultants across industries.